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Our History of Research Innovation and Continuing Client Success...

Henry Field Smyth Sr., M.D., professor of Industrial Hygene, established a laboratory for the evaluation of the effects of industrial environments on the health of workers on the University of Pennsylvania campus in Philadelphia.

Dr. Smyth brought Herman A. Shelanski, Ph.D. on as a partner and associate.

After Dr. Smyth's retirement, Dr. Herman Shelanski assumed the directorship and proprietership of the comany, which he renamed as Industrial Toxicology Laboratories, Inc.

Morris V. Shelanski, M.D. becomes medical director of Industrial Toxicology Laboratories, Inc.

Drs. Herman Shelanski and Morris V. Shelanski publish an article describing the human repeat insult patch test, an innovative method of evaluating and distinguishing between irritating and sensitizing propensities of products.

Following the death of Dr. Herman A. Shelanski, Dr. Morris V. Shelanski became director of the laboratories. Under his guidance, the pioneering efforts of Dr. Smyth and Dr. Herman Shelanski were carried forth with the new investigational technology and organizational growth. Throughout the following decades, the company designed, coordinated and conducted clinical investigations to determine the safety and efficacy of drugs, medical devices, household products and industrial chemicals.

The laboratories became increasingly involved in the clinical evaluation for the safety and efficacy of toiletries and cosmetics.

Because of the increasing emphasis on clinical evaluations, the company's name was changed to Products Investigation, Inc. (PII)

Joseph B. Shelanski, BS becomes president of PII.

PII opens a clinical facility in Modesto, California.

Samuel D. Shelanski, BA becomes president of PII.

Acquired Dr. Albert M. Kligman's S.K.I.N. Incorporated laboratory, clinical trial expertise, and staff clinicians.


Continuing 70+ years of client success and trust.